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The delivery of healthcare is changing rapidly in our society. The medical industry is embracing technology like never before, to solve real medical problems. Bear Bridge, LLC understands the need to leverage technology to a enable meaningful outcomes and a more efficient health care future. We offer the government a wide range of proven products and services as well as cutting edge innovations in the area of telemedicine solutions. Our interactive patient care and home health solutions are bridging the barriers of distance and access to care, improving operational efficiencies, patient outcomes and lowering the overall cost of care for organizations and patients.

Our telemedicine solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Cloud based video conferencing and collaboration
  • Store and forward image and collaboration software
  • Cloud based software for providers, hospitals and health systems
  • Remote telemedicine monitoring
  • Remote physician consultations
  • Cloud storage of any DICOM-enabled modality, such as CT, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound and more
  • Transportable exam stations that travel with the healthcare provider to the patient
  • Mobile telemedicine stations
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Smartphone applications and snap-on sensors to monitor patients
  • Multimedia solutions
  • Interactive patient care smart terminals
  • Broadband
  • Docbooks
  • HIPA-secure solutions and applications
  • Class II FDA-cleared telemedicine remote presence medical devices for active patient monitoring in high acuity clinical environments
  • Telepsychiatry services

Bear Bridge, LLC is committed to advancing telemedicine and improving the overall quality of patient care.

  • Locations

    Bear Bridge, LLC
    300 Mesick Ave.
    Mesick, MI 49668 (physical)

    Bear Bridge, LLC
    21402 Unison Road
    Middleburg, VA 20117 (mailing only)