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eDiscovery is the process of supporting discovery and sharing of electronic information for litigation, investigation, or FOIA requests. Relevant data is placed in “Legal Hold” status for evidence gathering using forensic tools.  Federal agencies use eDiscovery platforms for inquiries, compliance and other legal matters.  The Office of Inspector General (OIG) of each federal agency is responsible for conducting independent and objective inspections, audits, and investigations to provide oversight and promote excellence, integrity, and accountability in agency programs and operations.

From Identification and Collection, through Review and Production, Bear Bridge is dedicated to helping federal agencies simplify their eDiscovery process and compliance requirements. Our team provides eDiscovery platforms, turnkey solutions and related services for customers both on-site and cloud-based.  Bear Bridge offers eDiscovery-as-a-service, priced as an monthly operating cost on the amount of allocated storage supporting the platform (Cost per terabyte per month).

Bear Bridge is an SSE and SSE+ certified Symantec Clearwell® reseller.

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